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how to sew a leather duffle bag

by:Osgoodway     2020-03-01
The leather is waterproof, durable, stylish, comfortable and can carry heavy objects.
You can make a leather luggage bag yourself as a sweet gift for someone or take your own stuff in.
Either way, making it yourself allows you to customize the size of the bag, the type of leather you use, and the details, such as the closed type of the bag.
Choose the type and color of leather you would like to use and buy leather from fabric or hobby stores.
Cut the leather with a razor.
You need: a flip cover;
Both sides;
There is a corner support at the bottom of the draw; one strap.
In order to maintain safety when cutting the strap, the length is overestimated;
You can cut it a little shorter later if needed.
Use straight edges to help you cut straight lines with a razor.
Use seam tape to stick an edge of the corner brace onto the front sheet.
You want the right inside facing of the leather-
The right side means the side you want to show outside the package when it\'s finished. Then use heavy-
Two lines of duty sewn together.
When you sew, remove the seam tape.
Repeat step 3 for the back of the package.
Use seam tape to connect the front and back edges of the package and use heavy tape to stitch the side edges togetherduty thread.
Remove the tape when sewing
Turn your bag over so the right side of the leather will go out.
Use a seam tape to paste the flap of the bag to the upper edge of the back sheet.
Attach the cover to the inside of the flap.
Fold the leather pieces you made for the strap in half and fix them with seam tape, with incorrect sides facing each other.
Sew half together.
Cut the seams on the strap and cut off the excess length if necessary.
Pin both ends of your strap on both sides of your luggage tag and stitch.
Cut off the extra line
Sew in any desired pocket.
Cut the front and back from the lining fabric.
Nail the pieces together and face each other on the right side.
Stitch the bottom and side seams and leave a gap at the top so it can be a pocket.
Hem at the top edge.
Repeat this as many pockets as you need, and stick them on your bag liner.
Now repeat the steps you take for the leather case of the bag for the lining.
Hem on the upper edge.
Stitch the upper edge of the lining to the upper edge of the leather exterior.
Cut off the extra line
Use a stapler on the upper edge of the leather to complete your luggage bag.
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