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how to make a duffle bag

by:Osgoodway     2020-03-01
Luggage bags are available for a variety of purposes, from carrying clothes to carrying sports equipment or laundry services.
You can make an army. style, top-
Luggage bags at home.
This luggage bag has a round bottom, a top closed with a lanyard, and a strap sewn to the side so that the bag can be thrown on your shoulder.
Cut a circle of cloth 11 inch wide.
This is the bottom.
Cut the second fabric 44 inch long and 34 inch wide.
This is the main part of the package.
Cut the third fabric 5 inch wide and 20 inch long.
This is the tape.
Fold below inches on all sides of the strap. Press.
Fold half belt vertically with wrong side. Press.
Now all the original edges are inside. Top-
Stitched on all sides.
Fix the strap to the main part of the bag, parallel to 44-
Inch seam, 2 inch from the seam, 6 inch from the top, 22 inch from the bottom.
Stitch the ends of the strap at the top and bottom.
Stitch again for durability.
Together with the right side, put two 44-
The inches of edges are together and the tubes are sewn together.
Be careful not to catch the strap when sewing seams. Using the zig-
Zag needle on your sewing machine
Bend down the seam to finish the edge and provide additional durability.
Attach the right side together and fix the circle to the bottom of the tube for easy installation. Zig-
The zag seam of the main part.
At the top of the bag, two levels of clip-
The inch hole to be worn by the pull rope, 1 inch on both sides of the side seam and 1 inch from the top. Use a zig-
A zag-shaped or buttonhole needle sewn on the edge of the hole.
Fold half an inch under the top of the bag, then half an inch to make a shell.
Your lanyard hole should now be outside the bag.
Sew a straight line below the pull rope hole at the bottom of the sleeve. Cut a 40-
Inch length of the rope.
Connect one end of the wire to the safety pin.
Put the pin into one hole, pull the pull rope with the pin, pass through the sleeve and remove it from the other hole.
Remove the pin and tie the rope.
Pull the bag.
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