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Handmade bags seem to be all the rage right now

by:Osgoodway     2020-08-05

But what many people seem to be overlooking is that not every bag is a fashion accessory. People do use bags for other things like carting groceries, hording everything that just can't fit in their purses, and even storing knitting. So the next time you see people rocking handmade bags, think twice about how you could use such a thing. Not only are you helping the environment and cutting your dependence on nasty plastic bags, you're also showing your personality.

For instance, let us take a look at the versatility of handmade tote bags. Totes can be used for anything from bringing home the bacon to carrying all of your baby suppliesand who's not going to ask you about your handmade tote bag when you pop over for coffee to show off the baby? Most of the store bought bags you find are canvas, ugly, and bland. Handmade tote bags on the other hand are anything but. You can find them made from just about anything ranging from dyed canvas to plastic and even burlap!

You can even find recycled bags that will do the trick. They're usually made from industrial cast offs, reclaimed post-consumer product, or cloth but some are even made out of recycled bagsplastic ones like you'd find at the grocery store. Sure plastic bags aren't exactly the greenest of the green but anything that keeps that plastic out of landfills is a step in the right direction. And if you're crafty, you can even make your own recycled bags. Just have a look around the Internet and you can find dozens of sites dedicated to do-it-yourself recycled crafting.

Natural fiber or fabric handmade handbags really are best. They are strong, colorful, and can hold a lot of weight. They're perfect for carrying all that extra 'junk' that you can't live without (but somehow can't fit into a purse. Another advantage of fabric handmade bags is that they can be when they get grungyand they will. You can also find them made from all sort of wild and fun fabric. In my opinion, handmade bags are really a necessity unless you want to shell out for a backpack.

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