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Handbags is indispensable in costumes with accessories!

by:Osgoodway     2020-08-05

Because The Traditional pumping with fastening bucket leather bags has impressive volume and structure of practical, so become many ladies out to the streets necessary accessories. In this quarter, The Lance bucket leather bags that has one hundred thirty five years history made from Lizard leather, lambskin, water snake as the main material, and desiged with Grasp fold, hollow, stitching and other craft. These processes makes the LANCE bags in the new look.

The new season Mulberry brimming with a rich vintage style. Retro canvas messenger bags are still this season popular messenger bags. Different from the past, Mulberry canvas messenger bags designed inspired come from the steam train Route old charm. Uesed the metal corners and luggage tags and other new hardware into the skinny designs for the entire series adds unlimited fun.

2012 spring and summer series marni bags interpretation of the pure breath by its bold and unique method, to creating a sharp contrast to intuitive impulses and rational control. The delicate shape of the bag decorated with the very texture of the weave pattern is very unique: leather strip knitting together, or woven together with wire rope, to create a pane pattern, leaving a haunting throb.

The origin of the rock music of the 1970s boom, lifestyle and travel the world, this time the MCM is already throughout the world in dozens of countries. Stationed in Beijing, MCM to cool feeling full series to commemorate the encounter such as avant-garde art and travel boutique in Beijing. This limited series is a special abstract aesthetic interpretation of the letter M, which represents the MCM, the birthplace of Munich, but also hint at impact of a Rock Music. Special section large travel canvas backpack are equipped with removable inserts rivets cortex strap, perfect to play the multi-user experience of the handbag.

You would find that pragmatism and the movement of wind into the design of the entire series in the spring and summer of 2012 . Outline simple elegant soft shoulder bags, envelopes, canvas backpack, box bag, oversized bags, canvas messenger bags in the market. These bags full of personal style single product exudes an elegant charm and get you irresistible.

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