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Handbag and clothing design are interactive and

by:Osgoodway     2020-08-05

First, the shapes relative echoes. The shape of a handbag design is based clothing as the premise and basis. If a dress style is more elegant, it requires handbag style should also be exquisite and chic. If the plainclothes style constitute a relatively simple and generous, then handbags design should be casual and natural as well. When the outer contour of the clothing characterized in an arc, two situations of the shape of the handbag may arise. One is handbags and clothing's lines are consistent, its shape is curve-based. Another situation is the arc of the bags with clothing contrast, then in order to enrich the overall effect of the dress a straight line should shape.

Second, the color is matching. From the perspective of apparel beauty, the whole dress color effects should be pleasing and harmonious unity. So, handbag as an important one in apparel accessories often play the role of 'the finishing touch' in the overall clothing color effects. When the clothing color is too monotonous or boring, we can take advantage of the distinctive and varied use of color to a handbag to adjust the color feeling. And when clothing color seemed to be somewhat intense and stimulating, simple and subtle color can be used in the design of the handbag to the relaxed atmosphere. Generally speaking, we should according to the needs of the overall effect in color processing. Sometimes we can draw out a certain color for handbag design from clothing, in this way, you can not only quickly choose a good color, but also easy to obtain the color a high degree of coordination.

Third, skin texture compared. Due to the large range of materials constitutes a handbag, the design of the handbag in texture changes are relatively abundant. Handbags and clothing with can be based on different needs psychologically to make corresponding changes in Aesthetic taste. For example, when the clothing fabric is relatively delicate, we can choose texture rough-imaginative handbags and affinity texture material handbag. When the apparel fabrics are thick and uneven, you can choose some smooth and silky skin texture handbag to cause sharp contrast and fabric. In short, from the costumes overall texture effects, between the two both can compared to each other also complement each other, change with a unique visual aesthetic.

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