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by:Osgoodway     2021-01-21
Have you ever thought about how the packaging market for disposable sanitary products works?
We found it. We found it.
If you are looking for a way to package a disposable sanitary product, then you may be looking for a pre-
Manufacturing, crowded, more
Eight-layer polyethylene bag
Color flexo printing function.
Maybe you even want your economy, slim, Deluxe, Maxi, super, mega, Mini, winged, super, premium orjumbo products packed at the wicket, lanyard, top
Fold, handle or flipover bag.
Apparently, simple packaging decisions have long passed due to the introduction of highly automated extrusion and production machinery
Not to mention the latest developments in flexo printing, which has revolutionized the packaging market for disposable sanitary products.
The proliferation of different sizes, styles, product types, and packaging quantities also helps to make the relatively simple business of one-time hygiene product marketing more and more complex.
Evidence of this phenomenon can be found in baby diaper aisles in almost any grocery store or supermarket, where consumers are seen as dazzling evidence in today\'s country, if not daunting --of-the-
Ability of art packaging.
In most cases, the final product manufacturer is provided by the regional network of the packaging producer. In the U. S.
The market is ahead of several large packaging suppliers and has a large number of smaller ones ($8-15million)
The company focused its attention on a very stable store brand area.
Due to the increasing diversity of the size and product selection of the brand and private label markets --
And frequent changes in instyles, counting and graphics-
Small-scale production is common.
Similarly, Western European suppliers have grown from small to large, supplying growing regions such as Japan and South America.
Packaging process so, what is actually involved in supplying film packaging materials to manufacturers of sanitary end products? Good question.
Starting with the packaging film supplier, he-
According to size-
May only focus on the one-time health market (
Including baby diapers, female hygiene products, adult incontinence products)
Or other families.
Related and technical markets, as well as the situation of many large suppliers.
Packaging manufacturers usually squeeze their own film through amonoor co-
During the extrusion process, although the vast majority of sanitary products are packaged in the form of polyethylene, some
Wet wipes, for example-
It can be packed with polyester/polyethylene laminate.
In the spectrum of sanitary products, a similar base polymer is the starting point, although in order to meet the specific product packaging needs, the film can be processed into a film with different thickness, strength or weight.
Polypropylene is usually used for product applications that are individually or individually packaged.
Many high-end packaging materials
Layered, with a high friction outer layer to prevent sliding and a low friction value inner layer to facilitate product slidingin.
More for another purpose
The layered film is to obtain the strength in the baby diaper package, in the baby diaper package, the compression ratio of 50% is standard.
Usually three layers are used, and there are two layers of external polyethylene around the middle layer, which improves the strength and resistance
Elongation performance.
After casting the film, the packaging supplier prints, cuts and converts the bags, which are shipped to the final product manufacturer for online filling.
According to the packaging equipment involved, the material can also be provided in the form of rolled goods, rather than in the form of pre-packaging of the finished productmade bags.
In terms of printing capacity, the supplier usually provides printing-
Relative to the unprinted-
Packaging, almost all of which are produced through flexo printing.
Although this printing method accounted for only about 30% of the sanitary packaging market in the 1980s S, today-
Due to the improvement of various equipment and the decline in price in the past five years
Flexo printing competes directly with the old recessed printing (metalplate)method. Digital -
Not simulation.
Many suppliers have also added printing power to transfer information directly from the computer to the tablet.
When discussing the advantages of flexo printing, RainerMohrmann, head of business development and marketing at Kobusch Folien, Fort Worth, Germany, discussed the following issues:
With sister company SengewaldVerpackungen GmbHis part of U. S. -
A company valued at $7 billion, headquartered in Tenneco Packaging.
\"The vast majority of high-quality packaging materials are printed in six or more colors on a high-resolution flexo printing system.
In addition to uniform text and graphics, these machines are able to isolate colors so that the exact tone of the baby\'s skin can be continuously reproduced on a flexible polyethylene surface, regardless of package size and additional color, he said.
Packaging design and materials most large film packaging suppliers agree on the process of designing packaging
From the initial concept of \"executable\" to store shelf reality
There are several areas of cooperation, some of which may include end product manufacturers, external advertising agents, packaging printers/suppliers, and production companies (plate maker).
On the other hand, smaller packaging companies may not be very involved in the actual design of packaging, but focus on keeping up with the packaging trends initiated by market leaders.
From this perspective, Salvador Belda, export manager for Gaviplas S, commentedA.
Valencia, Spain.
\"Our role in design is very limited,\" he said . \"
\"As is the case in most competitive industries, leading companies have established design trends, which other suppliers have followed subsequently.
\"The biggest market segment in the disposable health market --
Baby Diaper Industry
More than a decade ago, polybags developed from cartons to ireasier, a cheaper and more attractive peer.
Today, most suppliers predict that plastic bags will maintain their dominant position in the market, which is also attributed to the fact that plastic bags allow general packaging (i. e.
, The package can look the same on any package size or style).
Like sister company Edison plastics, Jeffrey zeber, general manager of VA Newport News Edison conversion, is a supplier for manufacturers of private labels and branded disposable sanitary products --
Pointed out the continued popularity of plastic bags.
\"The location of the box changed about 15 years ago.
Now, except for corrugated boxes, the whole market is basically polyethylene bags, and corrugated boxes are provided in warehouses --type stores.
\"In fact, cardboard did not perform well in the area of baby diapers, despite its success in the very small tampon and sanitary napkin market.
In most cases, the paper also failed to compete with the resin due to relatively unstable, less reliable prices.
Although the trend of paper began to take shape in Europe in early 1990s, the movement eventually failed.
Robert van der Laan, manager of hygiene disposable packaging sales and marketing, Maarssen Delo & Mediane International BV, Netherlands, reviewed this trend.
\"Although the paper was initially attractive to the environment, the consumer test showed that Brown paper wrapped in black text had a negative impact and the project never started,\" he said . \".
\"Plastic Bags provide high quality products for markets that require a variety of colors, shapes and products.
\"In the health market, especially the baby diaper market, every manufacturer wants to identify it with a unique color scheme, picture, logo or theme, and plastic bags make this possible,\" he said . \".
Mr. kobussch Folien.
Morman agreed.
\"Using Compressed products, more paper is needed to match the strength performance of the polymer filmgram per gram -
Paper can\'t compete
In fact, there are neither environmental nor economic benefits . \"
Fewer movies and higher performance
In the field of different bag types and sanitary products-
Is a film that is continuously developed with equal or increased strength values.
\"In general, the health industry is looking to minimize film usage,\" he said . \"van der Laan.
\"Suppliers and manufacturers will continue to drive higher production until the technical barriers are broken and you really can\'t reduce a lot if the packaging doesn\'t look firm,\" he said . \".
Mr. Edison\'s conversion
Zeber agreed.
\"There is still progress in polyethylene packaging and resin technology;
We are trying to make stronger films, lower the meter and lower the cost.
We have not yet reached the threshold, and many developments are still taking place.
\"Related article: Four years after the packaging supplier made its debut in the health industry, the packaging film supplier Delo & Mediane International B. V.
Four printing systems have been purchased in the past three years.
The company\'s latest expansion plan is in November, when the company will acquire its seventh
Color flexo printing machine.
Further extrusion capacity is expected in the first quarter.
The main geographic markets of Delo & Mediane include Western Europe and Europe, the Russian Republic, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.
Kobusch Folien, a packaging supplier, is also planning to expand flexo printing capabilities.
The company will launch its eighth flexible printing machine in October, which will provide a total of shredded sky and have the ability to print up to two colors inside the packaging film (
Instructions or product information for printing).
In other kobussch Folien News, a three-layer combined high density polyethylene/low density polyethylene extruder was launched last month.
The company has been patented and has launched a new carrier bagsin cross belt handle in the European market.
The new handle may hit the United States. S.
The future market.
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