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Giving giveaway items and corporate gifts might

by:Osgoodway     2020-07-21

Sometimes it pays to be daring. Shaking things up and doing something outrageous works wonders. One of the reasons people dislike corporate items is that they are boring, oftentimes tacky and most of the time it makes you look like a walking advertisement without good reason. While we certainly can't expect a logo-less corporate giveaway, and we won't be able to do without the tack (due to the presence of the logo), some corporations have, perhaps successfully, remedied the boring part. Bordering on being novelty, here are some interesting items that might make you think twice about chucking them to the dumpster:

Inflatable maracas - Not exactly useful but high on the entertainment value. Well that still depends on who's going to use it. Manufacturer says: To use the Samballoon inflatable maracas, simply blow into the mouthpiece and then start shaking. Could still prove to be useful for pacifying 6 year olds.

DNA ID Kit and Fingerprint ID Kit - Yes this is the real super-sleuthing deal! The DNA ID Kit contains a personal record, fingerprint record, photo record, clean nap, DNA record (swab method or hair method) with paper bag for collection, medical record and ink strip for fingerprinting, while the Fingerprint ID Kit an ink strip for fingerprinting and moist towelette. Now while this is indeed very useful, the fact that a situation can arise when we can actually use it is kind of depressing.

Jar of Knives - There's not much else that can be said about this. It is a jar full of of folding knives. Better put this one on the highest shelf possible as the knives are pretty colorful.

Digital Jump Rope - Sorry to disappoint you but this is not a rope that jumps itself. The Digital jump rope just counts how many jumps you've made and estimates how many calories you've burned doing the jumps. Yes, some people are lucky enough to jump so fast that they need an electronic counter to count for them.

Digital Wine Tester - Don't you just hate it when you go out to have a nice dinner, only to have your evening ruined by a waiter who serves you wine which is a few degrees below the optimal temperature? With the Digital Wine Tester, you'll finally have proof that you've been served inferior wine. Congratulations, you can now enjoy the satisfaction of berating the manager about his incompetent staff in front of all the diners.

Adult - themed keycards/keytags - Just made this up, but I'm pretty sure these exist. After all, the adult industry will jump on virtually anything, even the card printing/keytag business. But in case you wish to take this seriously, you can have one custom made at Cardprinting.us.

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