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For first orders, customers care a lot about quality

by:Osgoodway     2020-07-17

Customers who come to www.thatbagshop.com for the first time care greatly about whether the handbags supplier is trustworthy and what extra benefits they are going to get, like are the handbags the right quality, is the price cheap enough, etc. While a returning customer buy again from the same supplier, not only because the requirement of quality and price is satisfied, but, more importantly, he is satisfied with the considerate and value-added customer service. This is revealed by a sales analyst from That Bag Shop.

'Almost every customer, not necessarily wholesale customer but also user consumer, has purchased leather handbags from us for at least twice within a season.' Said the sales analyst, 'One of the most frequent feedbacks from customers is 'Thank you so much for your full-scale and considerate customer service. I will definitely buy from you guys again'.'

Satisfying full-scale, considerate, quick responded customer service guarantees returning customers! This is one of the biggest reasons leads to That Bag Shop's success in the online cheap leather handbags wholesale business.

Every customer comes to this factory based online shop www.thatbagshop.com will be provided with full-scale, rapid response customer service. Any inquiry, small or big, simple or trivial, about products, delivery, stock checking, parcel tracking, custom logo, etc. will be responded promptly by the 'rapid response force' sales team. If you have registered on the website or placed an order, within 5 minutes, you will be contacted by email or phone call from a sales person to follow up your case. Every order will be shipped out within 3 days after payment confirmed and customers will be informed of every process of the parcel progress status. In addition to being fully catered before, during and after placing orders, customers are provided with special FREE OF CHARGE service like logo designing, custom logo stamping on handbags.

To win returning customers, a leather handbags supplier needs to, in addition to provide super good quality and competitive cheap price, more importantly, put yourself in customers' shoes and provide satisfying full-scale, quick and considerate customer service, like That Bag Shop.

About ThatBagShop.com:

TBS Leather Handbags Factory is a world's leading and China TOP 10 factory-based leather handbags wholesaler. From the moment it launched its online store www.thatbagshop.com, this web-factory aims to manufacture fashion forward leather handbags and accessories at most competitive EXW price.

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