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foetus cooler bag trip: daughter had \'horrendous\' experience

by:Osgoodway     2020-02-28
A man who helped his daughter return the remains of the fetus to Northern Ireland in a picnic cooler bag said the experience was \"terrible \".
It happened after the woman had an abortion in England.
Her father told the BBC\'s \"day and night trauma\" program on radio Alst.
He said he and his wife went to England the day after their daughter took the cooler bag.
\"We got the fetus, put it in a cool bag and started driving along the highway at 2 in the morning,\" he added . \".
Then the phone rang, she (his daughter)
Collapsed and rushed to hospital.
\"We had to drive the car 20 miles. . .
Go back along the highway and see how she is doing.
\"We don\'t know if she\'s alive or dead.
We got to the hospital and she was well taken care.
\"I had to sit in the car where the engine was running in order to keep it cool.
\"I tried to sleep for a few hours because I knew I would drive right away and I hadn\'t slept for almost 24 hours.
\"At 6 in the morning, we got home and finally arrived at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast St around 8 and handed it over to the doctor.
\"Pediatric pathologist Dr. Caroline gannong resigned for the intervention of Northern Ireland Attorney General John Larkin on abortion laws surrounding fatal fetal abnormalities.
She said the last straw must advise the woman and her partner to return the remains using a picnic cooler bag.
Larkin said the law on the fatal malformation of the fetus is under consideration.
\"If these MLAs-
Who will vote when this round comes
\"You can imagine your daughter,\" her father said . \".
\"I don\'t want this. one.
\"Mr Larkin, I don\'t know if he has a daughter, I hope he will never have to go through what my daughter and her husband have gone through, everything that my wife and I have gone through
\"It\'s terrible.
\"The man said he\" thought there was nothing wrong with what he did \"and hoped that the legislation would change now, because at least from the most terrible things there would be something good to experience \".
He added that he thought it was \"surprising\" that his daughter was \"able to continue her life and return to her work \", but he admitted that she was \"still under the whole thing \".
\"We pray every day that she will have children she desires,\" he said . \".
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