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Every woman has been there. She's in a hurry and

by:Osgoodway     2020-07-30

Does that sound like bliss to you? The transfer bag was originally designed to make sure you didn't forget any necessities when switching from the work bag to the date bag. An extra bonus is that everything now has a designated place - you always can know where everything is. An excess of pockets as well as zipper pouches keep all types of items organized. Switch from the little black clutch to your work briefcase to your gym bag without losing or forgetting one little thing.

Most transfer bags are made in different colors, with the outside being a durable fabric that can be cleaned easily. Life happens. Makeup leaks, drinks spill, and pens are left uncapped. These are all normal life occurrences and your transfer bag should be able to withstand them. Typically transfer bags have pockets on both the outside and the inside, with some being specialty pockets to hold business cards, checkbooks, phones, pens and other daily life essentials. Many transfer bags also have a key loop so you'll never lose your keys either! Many large transfer bags have included cosmetic pouches to keep your makeup separate - no spills here! - as well as making it easy to find when needed.

Transfer bags, especially leather or satin designs, can be used on their own as a small handbag or as a clutch. This option is perfect for when you're on the go! If you're heading from work to the bar and you realize that you forgot a 'going out' purse, the transfer bag on its own can be used. Many transfer bags have an included strap for this use precisely. The best part is that all of your necessities are already in it! Of course, if you did bring your bag, simply slip your transfer bag into the party bag, and in seconds you are ready. Versatility just met organization in a lovely way!

Transfer bags also come in a variety of sizes to best fit your needs. There is even a 'Mommy Transfer Bag' to move from your diaper bag to regular purse as needed. Managing a family is a lot of hard work, and it is much easier when everything is organized. Everything you need is in one place. An included cosmetic bag keeps all your supplies in order for a quick touchup, while there are even designated areas for things such as coupons or other slips of paper - perhaps your 'to-do' list. No matter what your day has in store for you, you can be sure that you'll be prepared with your prepacked transfer bag!

The 'Big Timer Handle It' bag is great for women who usually carry large handbags where everything gets lost the very instant you put it in. This transfer bag includes a handle so that if you choose, it can be a small bag itself, or a clutch. Or hook on the detachable shoulder strap to carry it just as a small handbag. In pretty colors and materials such as pewter leather, beauty gives an extra reason to use this transfer bag. When you're already carrying a heavy handbag, who wants to have to dig through a cluttered expanse just to find some lipstick?

Frequent travelers should take note of the 'Little Traveler Transfer Bag.' Similar to the other transfer bags, this little black bag includes two pockets on the outside to safely hold travel documents. There are also pockets to hold your phone, checkbook, pen and business cards, with an extra compartment for cosmetics. Include it in your normal handbag, attach the strap to make it your purse, and then use it as a clutch after you've landed and are out and about!

If your handbags have been labeled a disaster area, a transfer bag is the great way to organize your purses - and your life! Keep everything you need easy to find, and keep your handbag's interior looking as sophisticated and put together as you are! Best yet, allow for extra time in your life by eliminating all the wasted time digging in your bag and switching all of your belongings from day to day from bag to bag!

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