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Daqing after a girl, carrying a Cambridge Satchel backpack

by:Osgoodway     2020-08-08

Met several times after another appointed time and modified several times, has finally met the people who walk the world. When you see her bright smile, the reporter could not help but think immediately approached the sunny girl.

Summer of 2007, junior LI Guan men aimlessly browsing the web, a colorful dialog jumped out, she points to open the page, since then, she possessed it backpacking. 'Spend the least money, go the farthest way, a lifetime to see a lot of people do not see the scenery, where there is such a comfortable thing.'

LI Guan gave reporters a cup of warm coffee, rub the rub his hands, seemed to open a treasure carefully, both mischievous expression, and joy. 'My journey began in the accident, developed in the inevitable' ... LI Guan is a male baby to open her backpack.

Speaking of backpacking, LI Guan especially excited, her endless to describe a variety of unique beauty, mesmerizing.

'My favorite is the temple in Cambodia Tabu Long to see the sunrise, it is a difficult language to describe the mysterious beauty.' LI Guan and told reporters, her eyes, Tabu Long temple in Cambodia to see the sunrise, just is a through trip.

Angkor Wat Ka Boke verdant foliage like God's arms, stretched the sky, and the temple glory. Standing before the temple and the old trees, LI Guan men lamented: only a few hundred years after the combination of God and nature, the natural cycle, the vicissitudes of history, in order to create such a paradise. 'When the red sun slowly rising from the roof of the temple, I felt thousands of years ago ancient people standing beside me, and I tell their stories, stories full of mystery.' LI Guan said the man fell in love with eyes that kinds of circumstances, she had thought of himself standing on the ancient site over the place, looking at past and present of the same sun shine gradually rising, as if through the back to ancient times.

'If you have been to the palace women, you know what is beautiful and exquisite.' LI Guan said male and female palace temple, the walls cheeky smiling beauty, the most attractive. 'This is the United Wa Da Mona Lisa Oriental goddess, she was a symbol of the mother of all things.' LI Guan feels that women in the palace exquisite beauty, with serene atmosphere and let her crazy.

LI Guan feels that they see the most special scenery, to the number that Nepal's Annapurna foot. 'Had heard that Nepal is a paradise for walkers, I decided to go there to feel.' 'Bain climb up four in the morning mountain, the Peak has been full of friends from around the world, the donkey.' LI Guan intoxicated man said, watching the red sun of the white peaks of red, she felt that life warm, watching the peaks in the morning issued under the irradiation of holy light, she could not help but worship together. 'Sitting in a small restaurant eating breakfast, watching the snow-capped mountains, feel the soul is purified.' LI Guan said Bain mountain trip, whether uphill downhill, then one is a rhododendron forest, they seem the same to be submerged.

'I finally understand what is 'Tin Road',' and recalled to Tibet in 2009, LI Guan said, where she met the most comfortable landscape. 'No matter how you walk, how to look, I could not find end of the road, huh, huh, I thought, maybe it's the end of day it is.' LI Guan that day on both sides of the road is capped mountains and green grass, groups of Tibetan sheep grazing in the quiet, occasionally one or two hidden cows come and go in the hillside, a scene that makes the heart feel calm and open-minded. 'That really do not know what comfortable words to describe the' LI Guan hide her Cambridge Satchels with both hands, smiling.

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