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After the collapse of the Polish roof, return to the transcript main pageCNN site on Saturday, the rescue team is working;
Hamas\'s victory in Gaza sparked demonstrations;
January 28, 2006 to commemorate the Challenger space shuttle accident
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Carol Lin, cnn anchor: this time in Poland, there was another roof collapse in Europe.
There were hundreds of people inside.
We will conduct on-site inspections of the rescue currently underway.
Hamas claims victory in Gaza
In the name of peace, the United StatesS.
Dealing with terrorists?
Infertility treatment and insurance-
It took the couple so long to buy expensive drugs.
Welcome to CNN live on Saturday.
I\'m Carol Lin.
After a quick look at the title, all of this and more.
Remember Challenger 7.
Relatives of astronauts killed 20 years ago returned today to the Kennedy Space Center to commemorate the victims.
You\'re going there on the spot.
Punished in Afghanistan-
A us soldier was sentenced to four months in prison for beating two detainees last summer.
Army expert James Hayes will serve in Kuwait.
President Bush and first lady Laura Bush are preparing for the Alfalfa Club dinner tonight.
This is the arrival of last year.
In about two hours, they will join around 600 guests for the annual politician barbecue.
Our headlines now.
After the roof collapsed in southern Poland, people were racing against time to save the trapped.
The temperature is already below freezing, and it\'s been several hours in a showroom packed with hundreds of people.
Anna Dudzinska, Radio Katowice, Poland, was at the scene of the collapse.
She joins me by phone now. -
Anna, what do you see now?
Anna dudzinska, Radio KATOWICE, Poland: all I see is the building that collapsed on the roof.
This is very dramatic, what I saw here, what I heard here, because I came here after this tragedy.
I met a lot of people who came here looking for family who were trapped under the roof building.
This is terrible.
They came into contact with them at the beginning and called with their cell phones, and they tried to explain exactly where they were under this hall and the roof. And --
But now most of them are not in contact.
So they can only wait to see what the rescue team said and what happened.
Today, this is really the most tragic place in Poland.
Lin: Anna, do they know how many people are under the ruins and how many are still alive?
DUDZINSKA: it could really be a problem, I guess.
There may even be 1,000 people.
But we tried to believe it was 100.
But you can see that the numbers are so different that it\'s hard to say.
What we really know is that there are 12 deaths and 50 deaths in West Asia. ph)
There are hospitals all over here because I may even be able to see an ambulance that is still going through the building and back to the hospital with casualties on the ambulance.
Lin: Do you know if people can still make phone calls with their mobile phones?
Is there any conversation now?
DUDZINSKA: The truth is, at the beginning I met people and they said Oh, I was with my aunt a few seconds ago, with my husband.
Help them, help them.
But I\'m afraid people are not so optimistic now.
I just met a woman who really cried and cried so badly that she said she ran away and she ran away.
But her husband is somewhere in the middle of the hall, under the roof of the building.
She was unable to contact him on her mobile phone.
When she ran away, it was not even possible to get in touch with him.
So it really seems like a tragedy.
Anna, yes.
It\'s so sad when we look at the photos and see the possibility that these rescuers can find these people in time.
Polish journalist Anna duzska from Radio Poland is very grateful.
DUDZINSKA: Thank you.
Lin: in the rescue operation, the temperature is now around minus 22 degrees.
Now, let\'s talk about the turmoil in the Middle East.
It was another day of violence after the election that shocked the Palestinians and the world.
Anger and worry are on the rise when the winners are ready to set up the government.
CNN correspondent Ben Wedeman reports in Gaza. (
Start Video)
CNN reporter ben wedeman (voice-over)
They boarded the roof of the Palestinian parliament in Ramallah.
Their guns are talking in Nablus.
In Gaza, for the second day in a row, thousands of Fatah al-Hesi soldiers swayed on the streets to vent their anger at their own leaders and the Islamic militant group that is about to take over the Palestinian Authority.
\"Hamas is a spy! \" they chant.
Unwilling to give up power and admit the failed gunmen and armed boys.
\"We want to control the parliament,\" the gunman told me . \".
I asked, like a military coup?
\"Yes,\" he replied.
\"Treason! Treason!
Cried the woman. (on camera)
: After a fairly clean election, the Palestinians now have to deal with a very tense consequence in which many armed and potentially dangerous people do not accept the results. (voice-over)
Senior Fatah officials say they are confident they can control their troops.
We have had problems before.
We can deal with them.
We can protect the democratic process and allow peaceful change of government through the democratic process.
WEDEMAN: But if these people should provide this kind of protection, Fatah-led security services, so-
The so-called democratic process could be at risk.
They are also protesting, not trying to restore law and order.
I asked Nabil Tamuz, one of their leaders (ph)
If he admits Hamas won the election
\"We will not accept the status quo,\" he replied . \".
Fatah militants took their fighting back to the streets after losing in the ballot box, showing no signs of retreating.
CNN, Ben Weidman, Gaza. (END VIDEO TAPE)
Now, President Bush said,S.
Will not deal with Hamas, his government will review the United StatesS.
As expected, if Hamas leads a new government, aid will be given to the Palestinians.
So where will the victory of Hamas leave America? S.
Policy in the Middle East?
White House Correspondent Elaine quayano from CNN is with me now. -
Elaine, the White House reaction, does that mean that the United States will not be involved in any peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians?
CNN correspondent Elaine Quijano: Carol, this is the biggest issue right now, how the United States will move forward after the democratically elected government led by Hamas, to a large extent, the United States certainly thinks it\'s a terrorist organization?
First, President Bush sent a stern message to Hamas after his surprise victory in the Palestinian election.
Of course, taking office is a major and complex element of the Bush administration and its vision of two countries for peaceful coexistence between Israel and Palestine.
Now, in an interview with CBS, President Obama said that unless Hamas abandons violence, in particular its commitment to destroy Israel, the United States will stop its financial assistance to the Palestinian government. (
Start Video Editing)
Bob shiver, CBS Evening News anchor: what will happen?
US President George w. Bush: The aid program will not move forward.
This is their decision.
But we will not help a government that wants to destroy our allies and friends.
If you don\'t give up on violent targets, I don\'t see how you can be a partner for peace. (END VIDEO CLIP)
QUIJANO: of course, the difficult question facing the Bush administration is how to cut off assistance to Hamas without punishing the Palestinian people.
Now, the United States has offered about $1 since 1993.
5 billion per cent of economic assistance was provided to Palestinians.
However, a State Department official said the United States is committed to ensuring that Palestinians still receive humanitarian assistance.
Now, of course, the United States is waiting for the political dust to settle.
As the situation in the Middle East continues to develop, officials are very cautious about intervening.
But the direction ahead of the economic aid and Middle East peace process will be an important item on the agenda, with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice meeting his Russian counterpart in London on Monday, the United Nations and the European Union--Carol.
Lin: Thank you, Elaine.
Next, I\'m going to talk to someone who knows a lot about the Middle East, who is actually saying that the United States is overreacting to the election results and he is urging the West to start a dialogue with Hamas.
Mark Perry will be live with me in five minutes.
A Christian aid group says it is encouraging that four Western workers who were held hostage in Iraq in November may still be alive.
Just today, new videos of these people have surfaced.
CNN reports from Baghdad. (
Start Video)
CNN Correspondent aneesh raman: According to reports, a new video broadcast by Al-Jazeera TV shows that four western rescue workers were kidnapped in last November.
It is said that the video was taken in January 21.
CNN cannot confirm the truth of this.
But the four rescuers do look much thinner than we saw last time in last December.
They are all part of the team of Christian Peacemakers in Iraq.
They were kidnapped on November 26.
It includes an American, a British and two Canadian nationals.
The group holding the meeting reiterated their request last year ---
The release of all Iraqi prisoners, said in the latest video, was \"the last chance \".
\"Now, the group\'s spokesman, the Christian and Inter team, says they are at least encouraged by the fact that the four hostages are still alive.
The previous deadline of December 10 has passed and no notice has been received from the group holding them, and since then, until the release of this tape, it has been in virtual silence.
Now, this is another painful moment waiting for the family of US hostage Jill Carroll.
The deadline set by the person who kidnapped her was almost a week ago.
At least in public, there is no news about her situation.
But in this latest news, perhaps some hope has been found, the latest developments of these other hostages, despite the long silence of Jill Carroll\'s family, and the families of the two Germans who are currently being detained by insurgents, in fact, they may still be alive and they are still likely to be rescued.
CNN, Aneesh Rahman, Baghdad(END VIDEO TAPE)
Next, you can only see one story on CNN.
What is causing so many people to turn to black market drugs for fertility treatment?
We will talk more about what is happening in the Middle East and whether Hamas is really a terrorist organization.
Is the United States overreacting?
Stay there. (
Business break)
Lin: The results of this week\'s Palestinian election shocked the Middle East and other regions.
Hamas, who vowed to destroy Israel, won an overwhelming victory.
The White House says it will not and will not deal with Hamas.
But my next guest saidS.
Have to talk to the group and hear what they have to say.
Mark Perry is a Washington correspondent for the Palestinian report, and his book Fire in Zion is the first best explanation of how the conflict really started in his 60 s.
Good to have you, Mark.
Mark Perry, director of the Palestinian report conflict Forum: It\'s a pleasure to be here.
Lin: Mark, Hamas.
Let\'s clarify one thing for our audience.
What role did Hamas play in the terrorist suicide bombing against Israelis?
Perry: there is no doubt that they play an important role.
They are responsible for the bus explosion and the cafe explosion.
Finally a is in August of 2004.
Since then, Hamas has taken no action.
They tend to go back to the center and become a party.
I think they reflect the concerns of voters.
We saw this in the election.
They got almost 70% v.
They are now democratic elections.
They are the new leaders of Palestine.
We will have to deal with them.
But a lot of people think they\'re the killer.
So why is it true that the United States, your position is, should deal with them?
Perry: because talking to people is the way you change their politics.
This has happened in all kinds of political movements in history.
We must recognize that Israel was established in Sana \'a. ph)
It\'s Irgun, it\'s Stern\'s gang.
Many of their leaders later became prime ministers.
They are the terrorists wanted by the British government.
The same is true in this case.
There is no guarantee that Hamas will give up violence or that it will give up suicide bombings.
But the evidence so far seems to suggest that they will be involved in the political process here and have a dialogue with the United States rather than doing anything else.
Lin: will the Fatah party allow this to happen?
I mean, today is the second day of the street demonstrations, and Fatah supporters have vowed that they will shoot anyone who chooses to support Hamas.
What will you do in this case?
Perry: very unstable.
But I think the level and archives of Hamas are more concerned about the failure of their leadership, related to the failure of the old guard, the Central Committee, the Revolutionary Command committee.
They want them to step down.
I think the current Palestinian President, Abu Mazan, has made a mistake by not having a meeting of political parties to elect people with grass-roots support.
It really hurt them in the vote.
I think what happens here. -
There\'s a good, strong signal that it will--
Fatah will find ways to work with Hamas, which will form a new government.
Lin: what\'s going on?
You see what happened in a short time.
The term to achieve this?
Perry: We have to be patient.
It will take a few days.
Hamas leaders are in touch with the Fatah leadership.
Protests in Gaza and the West Bank have been tried.
The two sides had a real substantive discussion on how to form a government.
I think it is very likely that the prime minister is not a member of Hamas, probably from Fatah or the Independence Party.
The two sides will cooperate and try to build a united government.
Lin: Is there any consequence of the US president\'s opposition to Hamas so loudly now?
Perry: Yes.
But I listened very carefully to his press conference yesterday and what he said was very interesting.
He said they must give up violence.
This is expected.
They must recognize Israel, he said.
This is expected.
But he also praised the elections and the Palestinian people for expressing their concerns.
He made it clear that the United States would have to learn to deal with the results of democratic elections.
He has always said that sometimes voting results will not be what we like, but we should still stick to it.
We should still promote democracy.
Lin: Well, the Palestinian people have spoken so far.
Let\'s see what happens next.
Thank you, Mark.
Perry: Thank you.
Lin: Mark Perry.
Next, the deadline for the evacuation of Hurricane Katrina is tight.
The next is a matter of interest.
Normal surveillance footage, right? Wrong.
This led to the arrest of two persons suspected of child abuse, a insistence of the Good Samaritan, which helped to achieve all this.
The next story. (
Business break)
Lin: You \'ve seen a lot of pictures and a lot of people are waiting on the Gulf Coast.
But do you really know exactly how much those FEMA trailers cost?
CNN Gulf Coast correspondent Susan Roesgen found out why the government paid so much. (
Start Video)
Hurricane victim erika malone: once you get back here. . .
Susan Rogan, CNN correspondent (voice-over)
: Squeeze past the air mattress in the corridor of the house rented by Erika Malone in New Orleans and you\'ll walk straight into a bedroom full of things with a lot of stuff in it.
There\'s more stuff in the bathroom.
The entire property of 8 people lives in a 800-
Square feet apartment.
Malone: How\'s it going today?
Male: so-and-soso again.
Rogan: Erika and her extended family have been waiting for six weeks for two FEMA trailers.
But FEMA spent about $60,000 on each of these regular white trailers for an estimated 18 months.
I know it costs $3,300.
Erika can get something better for so much money.
Real estate agent Theresa De Garnett: two bedrooms, twoand-a-
Half bathroom with all the classic architectural features of New Orleans.
Theresa degarnett, a real estate agent in New Orleans, showed us an elegant apartment.
DEJARNETTE: this is the living room.
Imelda Marcos can stay here.
The rent for the apartment is $2,600 per month.
This is $700 less than the government\'s monthly spending on FEMA trailers.
Malone: I \'d rather they give me the money and I could actually go out and find a house for 18 months instead of them putting a trailer on my house.
ROESGEN: FEMA spokesman Buch Kinney told CNN that the price of the trailer is not only limited to the purchase price, but also includes transportation, maintenance, utilities and demolition, the area and conditions of each aspect are at a reasonable price.
For those who have lost their homes in the affected areas, travel trailers or mobile houses are often the most effective means to meet housing needs, he said.
The federal emergency response authority does provide cash for housing assistance, but less than half the cost per trailer.
While Erika is waiting for her trailer, her two children will go to bed tonight like they did a few months ago, sleeping on the air mattress on the floor while she is sleeping on the couch.
Malone: good night.
ROESGEN: dream of having your own place.
Susan Logan, CNN, New Orleans. (END VIDEO TAPE)
Lin: an important deadline for hurricane evacuation is coming.
People staying in a FEMA paid hotel room must call FEMA by Monday and get a special authorization code that will extend their stay for at least a week.
Now that phone number is 1-800-621-FEMA.
As of Thursday, about 60% of evacuees had contacted FEMA.
Now other \"stories\" across the United States \".
Ford said it would be a huge verdict.
A jury in Texas awarded $29.
5 million for a woman in the case of a puncture.
The jury found that Ross Munoz was partially paralyzed due to defects in Ford\'s Mazda Navajo and Hearthstone tyres.
Ford said the accident was caused by a driver\'s mistake and noted that Munoz did not wear a seat belt.
Firestone resolved part of the case.
Best movie version-
It is reported that the seller \"million pieces\" may not be made.
Warner Bros. has suspended the film project, according to the Los Angeles Times.
According to the newspaper, the company said the author James Frey admitted that most of his memoirs were fictional, forcing the company to reassess the proposed script.
Figure skater Guan Yingshan won another gold medal in the Olympic gold medal. The U. S.
The Figure Skating Association has approved her participation in the Olympic Games next month, and she is free from injury.
Guan won a place in the United States. S.
By proving to the team that she had recovered from a groin injury.
Now, two people suspected of child abuse were locked up in prison this morning, thanks to an accidental meeting at the convenience store and a good Samaritan who acted intuitively.
CNN reporter David Mattingly reported the story. (
Start Video)
Good Samaritan traci lee dean: I want to report a strange incident involving a child.
CNN reporter david mattingly (voice-over)
: This scene happened at a gas station in Evergreen, Alabama. it was the reason why Traci Lee Dean called the police.
On the 911 phone of concern, you can hear the concern in her voice.
A few minutes later, I thought, \"Well, why is this little girl wandering here alone?
\"So I gave her five minutes.
Then I said, \"is your mother working here?
\"No,\" she said.
Then the man said, \"Elizabeth, do you want to find a new mother ? \"
\"MATTINGLY: It\'s the little girl you saw in the surveillance video, and her brief encounter with Dean, who started the Woman\'s Crusade and ended the little girl\'s nightmare.
Dean: I \'ve seen this look before, that blank look, and something missing. I call it --
I think they missed love.
MATTINGLY: police followed Dean\'s 911 call and went to the gas station.
Sheriff Tracy Hosey of Connex County: The clerk said she knew these people, they visited the shops a lot, they came very well, the older gentleman was the grandfather of the little girl.
Despite her return home in Georgia, Traci kept things in her hands.
On a website of kidnapped children, she thought she had found a matching object. A 300-
Drive back to Evergreen for a mile and put her back in the store to watch their surveillance video.
Police officers were brought in and visited their families at the trailer park, where they arrested people who had raised suspicions about Traci Dean.
Jack Willie was charged with 3-year-
A 17-year-old girlyear-
The old boy who lived with him
Willie\'s partner, Glenna Faye Cavender, is accused of child abuse.
Both of them are now in prison.
The children are protected.
Their neighbors who have lived in the trailer park for the past month or so have been shaken.
Neighbor Erica Foster: They keep saying, \"we can look at them if you need a nanny.
\"Exciting: the local government is canvassing the area and interviewing local children.
Unidentified male: We may have some other children who have had contact with the gentleman in that areaWiley.
MATTINGLY: The next step is the DNA test to identify the real parents of the two children and look for any other children the couple may encounter nationwide.
CNN, Evergreen, Alabama. (END VIDEO TAPE)
Lin: The richest people in the United States are paying more money. -
We\'re talking about nearly a billion dollars this time.
We received this generous gift.
It was a melancholy day at Kennedy Space Center.
John Zarella has a preview of what\'s coming ---John.
John zarrella, cnn reporter: NASA\'s Carol remembers--
Here today, a ceremony was held to commemorate the 20 th anniversary of the Challenger accident.
I want to tell this story. (
Start Video)
Unidentified male (voice-over)
: Isaac Bossin is actively promoting pond garbage.
He designed a system that uses algae to absorb excess carbon dioxide released by power plants.
The gas enters the device and then about 40% of the detergent is discharged.
Isaac Bersin, founder of green fuel technology: the reason for working with algae is because algae are the fastest growing plant on earth.
They also have a tendency to adapt to extreme circumstances.
Unidentified male: algae live in water pipes that rotate continuously along this triangular system.
This tiny green creature can not only reduce pollution, but also produce fuel.
You can separate them from water.
Algae are just small bags of oil.
Then you take out the oil and use it for biodiesel.
Unidentified man: it is more common to use vegetable oil than to use algae oil to make fuel, but vegetables need fertile land and fresh water.
There is no system for Berzin.
You\'re not competing with agriculture.
You can develop a whole new technology, a whole new industry, where no one thinks it can be used for anything. (END VIDEO TAPE)(
Business break)
Carol Lin, cnn anchor: Welcome back.
Here are the latest developments.
Rescue workers in southern Poland are trying to rescue people trapped after the roof of the exhibition hall collapsed.
Police say at least 12 people have died.
At least 100 people were trapped under the rubble.
Officials believe the roof collapsed due to heavy snow.
In Gaza and the West Bank, hundreds of armed demonstrators surrounded the Palestinian government building today.
They protested the victory of the militant group Hamas in the election this week.
The demonstrators also demanded the resignation of the Fatah leader.
They blamed the party for failing to reform the election defeat.
The Georgians are storing heat with kerosene because the country has frozen for another day without natural gas or electricity.
The former Soviet republic has lost supplies from Russia.
Georgian officials say Iran has agreed to provide gas to Georgia from Sunday.
Mourning and Reflection at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
Twenty years ago today, the Challenger space shuttle exploded shortly after takeoff, killing seven astronauts at home and watching the world.
John Zarrella of CNN reported on Kennedy\'s launch, where he was again today. John?
John Zarella, cnn correspondent: Carol, yes, it\'s hard to believe that 20 years have passed since that day.
It was cold and clear. 36 degrees away from the launch pad, we stood no more than 5 miles waiting for the challenger to lift off.
NASA stopped here today to commemorate itself.
Friends and family, former astronauts and NASA officials gathered for a ceremony that lasted about an hour and a half.
In honor of the astronauts, of course, there are speeches.
Memorial challenger number seven
Today, 20 years ago, the Challenger lifted off at 11: 38 a. m. again. m.
It lasted more than a minute. (Start Video)ZARRELLA (voice-over)
Olivia gitade put two roses at the foot of the memorial.
One is her late mother, who loves the space program, and the other is the crew of the challenger.
Today, 20 years ago, our children were at Disneyland.
We looked up and saw this.
All the circumstances at the time of the accident
So we said we were coming back today.
Zareira: Hundreds of people came here last Saturday to commemorate the dead astronauts.
On June, Challenger commander Dick Scobee\'s wife, Scobee Rogers, laid a wreath under the memorial mirror, inscribed with the names of 24 passing astronauts.
She talked about how her late husband saw the risks of space flight.
On June, Scobee Rogers, the widow of commander Scobee: He often quoted Wilber Wright, one of the Wright brothers.
If you want to get the perfect safety in your flight, you have to sit on the fence and watch the birds fly, he said.
ZARRELLA: The Challenger should be a coronation moment in the space shuttle program.
Seven astronauts, including Krista mcliffe.
She will be the first teacher in space.
Under the cold blue sky, the challenger took off.
Man: We have a host to start-
Four, three, two, oneAnd liftoff.
The shuttle 25 has cleared the tower for its lift-off mission.
ZARRELLA: The flight will only last 73 seconds.
The Rogers committee established for the investigation concluded that it was called O-
The main fuel tank burst quickly after a hot gas leak.
The shuttle fleet was grounded.
The other teacher never flew.
It is important for retired Maryland teacher Colleen kronlan to be here.
Retired teacher Colleen klonland: I was a science teacher at the school when this happened.
This is my profession. this is my interest.
And my birthday.
So I will pay tribute to her.
ZARRELLA: people who come here say it\'s important that we don\'t forget those who pave the way for the future. (END VIDEOTAPE)ZARRELLA (on camera)
: For NASA, a tragic coincidence happened this week.
Yesterday, it was nearly 40 years since Apollo 1, griessom, Chaffey and White were killed in the fire.
Today positive marking the anniversary of the February 1 March 3 next week challenger of Colombia disaster twenty anniversary. Carol?
Lin: please look at it personally, John.
Why do you think that some people who go to this memorial hall have never personally met these astronauts, or have any connection to the space program, and why is this story still tearing them down?
ZARRELLA: a lot because a lot of people see it.
CNN is live.
This is one of the only live television organizations, but it can be seen all over the world.
So, a lot of people will revert back and say, when am I there.
It touched a lot of people, because in that flight, as the first teacher in space, guststa mcliffe will teach two classes in orbit.
Finally, Carol, I remember very clearly the days that were waiting here for the launch.
There are many teachers here.
Students from many classes across the country come to see the flight.
So for many, many people, there are many memories.
Lin: Yes, just like all of us are on that plane. Right, John?
Yes, yes.
Thank you very much.
Desperate people do desperate things, including taking part in the drug trade to form a family.
CNN\'s investigation of black market fertility drugs will take place next Saturday when CNN\'s live broadcast returns. (
Business break)
Lin: The Underworld who wants to have a child and drugs.
What do the two have in common?
Well, a health problem that is so sensitive, many doctors will not even discuss it.
This is a story that only reporter Randi Kaye can see on CNN. (Start Video)
Unidentified woman: Philipsburg, New Jersey, I need Ganal F (ph).
I paid for it myself. I don\'t have much cash.
I need 475 IU.
Please help me.
Unidentified woman: Easton, Maryland, I have a 14-
Daily supply of Luprotkit (ph)
Purchased in the United StatesS.
And keep it safe.
Buyer pay freight
Unidentified Woman: I met them in the parking lot.
Gave them the drugs and they gave me the money.
Randi kaye, CNN: Welcome to the underground world of infertility.
Website, chat room, conversation.
Here, couples who are eager to have children are Barter and beg for unused infertility drugs.
Hundreds of dollars, sometimes thousands of dollars less than a pharmacy.
In a world where the cost of a single treatment can reach $12 to $15,000, this is a dangerous, growing trend.
Insurance is hard to get.
\"Stephanie\", bought infertility drugs online: this is only a necessary condition for in vitro experiments.
I mean, there is no other reason why I want to buy drugs from the Internet. KAYE (voice-over)
This woman told us not to use her real name. we called her Stephanie.
Stephanie and her husband, like more than 6 million other Americans can\'t have children.
In order to have their own children, they chose IVF or IVF.
But there is a problem.
Stephanie: my insurance doesn\'t include test tube babies at all.
No drugs, no procedures, nothing.
Kay: there is no guarantee that it will work.
A couple has a chance to have a baby every five after the IVF cycle.
Stephanie, like many others, turned to the Internet to find affordable drugs.
Stephanie: there is a network of people out there who are willing to help you, they have the rest of the drugs that can be sold to you at a lower cost.
Since you have a prescription from a doctor, this is just another way to get a prescription.
Carmen catty, executive director of the National Pharmacy: just because it is a fertility drug, one may think it is quite safe, this is no different from how they trade cocaine or other products on the Internet.
It is still illegal and still dangerous.
KAYE: Carmen catzone is the executive director of the National Pharmacy Board, which aims to protect the health of the public in dealing with medicines.
Atizone: they may be expired drugs, they may have been tampered with, which will not only cause harm to the mother, but also harm the fetus or the baby born later.
But people like this one feel they have to take the risk.
\"Scott\", bought infertility medication: if it makes you a criminal then that\'s why it makes me.
We call him Scott.
He lives in one of 36 states where medical insurance companies are not authorized by law to pay part of the cost of infertility treatment.
No authorization, he or (sic)
His wife\'s insurance will cover the cost of treatment.
So just a few weeks ago, he found himself in a K-
Mart, change an envelope with cash in an insulated cooler, supply the medicine at a discounted price from the woman we call Jennifer, she took the extra medicine after the test tube baby, which is no longer
Jennifer, selling infertility drugs to Scott: I feel like a drug dealer.
We laughed nervously.
This was the K-
You know, Wal-Mart.
We pass drugs back and forth through the window.
Jennifer: I don\'t get any financial benefits from it.
This is not my intention.
I still have the rest of the medication, so I just think the best thing to do is sell it to someone else who can use it.
Scott: if the health insurance industry pays for drugs and surgery, there is absolutely no reason to make a deal through the car window.
Susan Pizano is a spokeswoman for the largest health program Trade Association.
The decision does not depend directly on the insurance plan, but on the employer, Pizano said. (on camera)
: Does your team recommend covering fertility treatment?
S. health insurance program Susan Pizano: We believe that the decision on what the employer can afford is the employer\'s decision.
KAYE: so yes or no, is there any suggestion or suggestion from your team to cover infertility treatment.
PISANO: our group is of the view that the issue is covered by the employer\'s individual decision. KAYE: So no?
I don\'t know about you, but I find it hard to believe that employers and insurance will cover things like Viagra and even abortion, in other words, insurance will help pay for someone having sex, they will help pay for someone to actually get rid of the child, however, they will not help pay for someone to have a baby.
It surprised me.
Pizano: What you have is what the employer covers.
They cover things that have evidence of their efforts to achieve a healthy outcome. KAYE (voice-over)
But it\'s not a good evidence for people like Jennifer.
This is to realize a dream.
Jennifer: Our purpose is to honor.
This is about pregnancy and the ability to get pregnant.
But the medicine could cost a few months, not just cash.
CATIZONE: Unfortunately, this trend will not stop and will not decrease until we see a major tragedy in which someone receives a deadly drug or a drug that causes significant harm.
Kay: it\'s worth it for Stephanie.
Using the medicine she bought online.
Just last month, she had a baby boy with her husband.
This is priceless.
CNN, Randy Kay, New York. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Lin: as you have just learned, many insurance companies refuse to pay for fertility drugs.
So I\'m going to take a closer look at fertility drugs now.
How insurance companies view them and the danger of using them without the supervision of doctors. Dr.
Carmen catian, you saw him in that article.
He is the executive director of the National Pharmacy Board.
His team helped the pharmacy board in the United States. S.
The world is protecting public health.
Dr. Atizone, nice to meet you.
Good evening, Carol.
Lin: How long can fertility drugs last?
I mean, how long can someone sell them if they want?
Carol, this is a big problem.
Pause. our guys may be fine.
Deliberately store and store drugs under conditions where they should not be stored.
These drugs can last for a day or months.
What is the problem with uncertainty, people don\'t know how to properly store these drugs.
Lin: So what happens if someone gets a drug that\'s not stored properly?
Unfortunately, medication, if improperly stored, the patient may be injured or damaged by the fertilization process, or even cause some birth defects or injury to the baby after the birth of the baby.
Lin: So why don\'t insurance companies cover maternity drugs?
If they cover Viagra, why not cover fertility drugs?
Atizone: this is a question that no one seems to be able to answer.
If you ask the insurance company they will say it is the employer\'s decision but I am not sure if the employer has all the information.
From the point of view of patient care, this is a legal medical condition with recognized medical treatment, and fertility drugs are approved drugs.
The only reason why insurance companies are not insured seems to be the cost.
Is it too expensive?
So can employers change that?
Can employers influence the services that health insurance companies offer to employees?
Of course.
The decision is made by the employer, but again, does the employer provide information about what is best for their employees and what is the best patient treatment, the employer can decide to pay this for their employees, and most of the problem will go away.
Lin: Is there any legal way? -
Or a more appropriate way to get a cheaper drug?
Patients can work with their doctors.
Doctors can work with pharmaceutical companies, where there are aid programs that provide drugs for free, or are much lower than the cost of employees, or people can work with legislators to try to get insurance companies authorized to pay for them.
Lin: Well, if it takes an average of three to seven years to pass legislation, many couples don\'t have time if they want to have children.
Atizone: people are in a desperate situation, which is unfortunately based on the cost of the drug, not the health and welfare of the patient. LIN: Dr.
About $12,000 of the safzone, is it just for drugs used throughout the process in vitro?
I think this is the whole process, but the drug itself is very expensive.
A large part of the cost of $12,000. LIN: Half?
Are we talking about $5,000 or $6,000?
Atizone: I would say that half to three quarters of the process could be the cost of the drug.
Lin: It\'s a lot of money for most people.
Yes. LIN: Dr.
Thank you.
Okay, Oprah Winfrey makes things simple, but not all celebrities have the same luck.
The art of CNN\'s Jenny Moos and celebrity apologies. (
Business break)
Lin: you may have heard of it, and Oprah Winfrey apologizes for James Frey\'s elaborate memoir, the million little things.
But the talk show host is not the celebrity it says \"sorry\" to the world.
There is a long list of celebrities who have confessed to the public, sometimes even very personal mistakes.
Jeanne Moos, CNN correspondent. (Start Video)
Jenny Moos, CNN correspondent (voice-over)
If \"sorry\" is really the hardest word, Oprah will definitely make it look easy.
Winfrey: I\'m sorry about that call.
She called \"Larry King. . . WINFREY: . . .
Still resonate with me and me. . . MOOS: . . .
Defending writer James Frey
Winfrey: I made a mistake. I gave the impression that the truth is not important.
I am deeply sorry for this.
MOOS: now it\'s an apology, not an excuse to apologize.
Mike Tyson: Sorry, Evan.
Sorry to bite off one of your ears. (MUSIC)
Actor Russell Crowe: I\'m very sorry. . .
MOOS: throw the phone at the hotel staff. (MUSIC)
MOOS: Brenda Lee\'s \"sorry\" is one of more than 300 songs with \"sorry \".
There are some iffy sorries starting with if.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, for example, was accused of fumbling and insulting women. . .
Arnold Schwarzenegger, governor of California: If I do something wrong, I think I\'m fine playing, just having fun.
I am very sad about this.
MOOS: Apologies for sexual misconduct are often characterized by supporting the wife.
Kobe Bryant, the Los Angeles Lakers: furious at himself and disgusted with himself. I\'m so sorry.
MOOS: when sex is involved, like between a movie star and a so-called prostitute, a long-awaited apology is something to be publicized.
Host: Jay asked Hugh Grant a question everyone wanted to know.
Talk show host jay leno: What the hell are you thinking?
Actor Hugh Grant: I\'m going to suffer for this.
I did a hateful thing.
I did a bad thing and you got it.
Moos: but when it was President Clinton\'s turn, his initial lies were more passionate than his final admission.
Former US president Bill Clinton: I have no sex with that woman.
In fact, I did talk to Ms.
Inappropriate Lewinsky
I want more grovel.
Eventually there is.
Clinton: I don\'t think there\'s any fancy way to say I\'m guilty.
Moos: Oh, there\'s a strange way, with tears.
I have sinned against you, my Lord.
MOOS: there are others who voted against George Bush on the \"Sorry everyone\" website and apologized to the world after he was elected.
South Korean scientists have recently been exposed for falsifying cloning research, one of the most pathetic apologies. DR. HWANG WOO-
SUK, a stem cell researcher (
By translation)
I feel so painful that I can hardly even say sorry. MOOS (on camera)
But the most human sorry we hear, the most sad sorry, the most terrible sorry.
Woman: I\'m sorry we had so much trouble.
Woman: I\'m sorry. I don\'t know what you want.
We just want to hear what Oprah has said to her critics.
Winfrey: You\'re right.
We just sent this to the CNN Center.
We have some recent news about the people who died in the collapse of the roof of Katowice in Poland.
20 people are now officially declared dead.
If not, there could be hundreds more. -
If there is heavy snow, at least 100 people gather on the roof under the roof.
We will give you the latest news about this tragedy and more news around the world in the next hour.
Stay there. (
Business break)
CNN on Saturday. I\'m Carol Lin.
Within this hour, a deadly roof collapse occurred overseas.
The people trapped inside were asked for help on their mobile phones.
There are live reports ahead.
There is also a woman who doesn\'t like what she sees at a convenience store in Alabama, which could save two children from sexual abuse.
A manager in the store today told me what he saw.
A picture of the perfect family until now his wife and children are dead and her husband has left the country.
New details in the investigation.
But first, headlines.
The new Palestinian leadership and the new Palestinian issue. Money.
President Bush says unless Hamas abandons its tough line with Israel, the newly elected Hamas government will be cut off from aid to the United States.
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