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climber who uses colostomy bag to lead himalayan expedition

by:Osgoodway     2020-02-21
A mountaineer using a colon pocket will lead a high
The Himalayan plateau adventure next month
The 62-year-old Mick Fowler will try to climb 6,000 of the mountain range that has never been climbed before. googletag. {});
In 2017, he was diagnosed with anal cancer and is now using a colon-made pocket after extensive treatment, including a mouth-making technique-a surgical wall that redirects the intestines to the outlet through an abdominal opening.
Mick Fowler was diagnosed with cancer on 2017 (Berghaus/PA)
The diagnosis suspended his plans to try a Himalayan expedition with his mountaineering partner, Vic Sanders.
But, according to a statement issued before the trip, the couple will now try to complete the first major Himalayan expedition led by people who use the colon to make their pockets.
Fowler said: \"My cancer diagnosis is an unwelcome interruption of the plan, and during my treatment, sometimes I wonder if I can go back to the Himalayas.
\"So I look forward to this trip more than usual. ” googletag. {});
Fowler, who lives in Derbyshire, will also learn about the performance of colon-made pockets at high altitudes and in extreme weather conditions.
He added: \"This trip adds to the level that I am now an ostomate and I am looking for a solution to the problem of\" altituded colon pocket making, this will help others who need to use to continue their climbing adventure.
Mick Fowler will complete the expedition with partner Vic Sanders. Berghaus/PA)
In 2016, the two completed the climb to the north of Sersank, a mountain of the Indian Himalayas, nearly 30 years after their last climb together.
They will have their latest adventure next month. -
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