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China TOP 10 leather handbags factory That Bag

by:Osgoodway     2020-07-18

David Wang founded That Bag Shop leather handbags factory in 2000, and the online shop in 2010. He manages the leather handbags wholesale company in various innovative business operation ways.

The fashion and customer friendly leather handbags wholesale website www.thatbagshop.com is That Bag Shop's online factory showroom. Customers can see all those amazing leather handbags and accessories, which are manufactured by its factory. David runs this China leather handbags manufacturing factory in a 'combo' of most common China and EU/US business management ways: strict evaluation system & humane management system.

'The strict evaluation system is applied to all departments of the China based factory, like procurement center, production and QC, designing team, sales group, etc.' David revealed when interviewed by Business Week magazine. He continued, 'But the management system we apply is also practiced in a humane way, to ensure that every one feels happy to work with us.'

Such management way enables the whole handbags and accessories wholesale factory work together in the same direction. And it turns out the results are:

Procurement center makes sure the materials, leather, hardware, zippers ect for making a leather handbag are top quality standard, while the production and QC team have every leather handbag handmade in excellent workmanship and strictly inspect every piece before it coming out of the workshop and sending to customers. The designer's team is always the most innovative center, bringing out a whole new design of collection in every one to two weeks. The sales group is named 'Rapid Response Force' who provides the quickest and most satisfying customer service to customer from around the world.

When every detail, from material procurement, to leather handbags and accessories wholesale directly to customers, has been covered, who will not love and recommend That Bag Shop as a best place to shop beautiful leather handbags and accessories at China factory direct price? Nothing will speak louder than this to make the company founder and General Manager David Wang a Best Young Entrepreneur 2011.

About David Wang and That Bag Shop Leather Handbags Factory:

David Wang, founder and General Manager of That Bag Shop Leather Handbags Factory (www.thatbagshop.com). He started this leather handbags factory located in China insist the management theory of strict EU/US style and humane China style, which grows the company into a most popular and outstanding international online leather handbags wholesale business.

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