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Chin ups and pull ups are both great upper body exercises

by:Osgoodway     2020-08-13

So, here're a few tips to help enhance your upper body workouts with these exercises. Simply, they'll help.

Why Push ups and Chin ups?

For push ups, all you need is the ground. For chin ups, all you need is a bar. Simple.

Also, it's easy to add resistance to them. You can add weight (or start working toward one arm chin ups and push ups) without too much expense or special equipment. All you need is the will.

And, well, it's pretty easy to start doing them. With Olympic lifts using barbells you need barbells, weight plates, and (ideally) somebody who knows what they're doing. For chin ups and push ups, nothing special is required.

Pushing vs. Pulling

Push ups and chin ups also compliment each other wonderfully. They work your upper body in two different but complimentary ways.

Push ups are primarily a pushing exercise, engaging your pectoral muscles, deltoids, and lats. Chin ups primarily work your biceps, lats, and trapezius muscles.

Together, these exercises work different muscle groups in your upper body, and support each other. It's important to have this balance of pushing and pulling movements in your exercises. Otherwise you'll get really good at one movement (pushing, in push ups and the bench press) while the other movement (pulling) gets neglected.

Full Upper Body Workout

If you're looking or a complete upper body workout, try push ups and chin ups together. They work. You can also add weight to either or them to make them more difficult.

Wear a backpack, put weights on your back for push ups, or get a weight belt for your chin ups. There are tons of options for keeping these exercises difficult after you've built up some conditioning.

Gym or Home?

I like push ups and pull ups because you can do both of them either at the gym or at home. You've got no good excuses for why you don't do them!

I personally enjoy working out at the gym because of the space. The gym location has weights and other equipment if I want to mix stuff up and add resistance, and it focuses my mind. There's no dirty dishes or errands to do - just a workout to conquer!

On the few occasions when I workout at home, I always feel as if it's really important to push myself. Since there isn't anybody else there, I need to make the extra effort to push myself to the limit and maintain perfect form. Otherwise, it just isn't even worth it to do the workout.

Showing Off?

A gym is also great because you have all those other people working out. Or rather, all those other people pretending to workout.

Push ups and chin ups are real exercises, when done correctly. And they are hard. Especially when you start advancing to the state when you're doing them with weight.

When you get good enough, take joy in showing off! You need your own motivation, but showing others how far you've come and getting a pat on the back once in a while is tons of fun.

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