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camping backpacks - how to load your backpack correctly

by:Osgoodway     2020-02-11
Yes, there is a proper way to load your backpack.
Some people try to be more organized than others, but it is important to count every inch.
In addition to having the right fit, another key to a comfortable trip is the proper loading of your backpack.
Everyone has their own loading system and there are some general guidelines on weight and gravity.
A very well designed camping backpack will keep the load close to your center of gravity, making it easier for you to move, change direction and do what you need to do.
A suitable backpack is much more comfortable than a pack that is not packed properly.
First, start by releasing the compression band of all packages and all internal partitions.
Then put your sleeping bag under.
Some hikers prefer to put their sleeping bags in a bag.
We recommend using compression bags to compress sleeping bags to the smallest possible size.
Next, fold your tent body into a square and fly.
It\'s close to your back.
Above the tent, but not above your shoulder, should be your heaviest item: food, fuel, water filter, etc.
Other than that, but away from your back, should be lighter items like clothes.
Side mesh pockets are used for water or fuel bottles, tent poles and flying poles.
Save the items you need quickly or frequently near the access point or outside pocket.
I hope this information is good for all my hiking partners.
Keep in mind that packing your camping backpack properly will provide many hours of pleasant and comfortable hiking.
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