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boy, 10, kills himself after being bullied for wearing colostomy bag: mom

by:Osgoodway     2020-02-21
A 10-year-
An old boy in Kentucky was tortured several times at school for wearing a colon pocket, reportedly committing suicide, according to reports on Tuesday.
When his mother went out to the grocery store for shopping on Saturday, seven bridges hanged themselves at his house, WHAS-TV reported.
Tammy Charles, the child\'s mother, said she found him hanging in the closet.
The 14-year-old boy was used as a human bridge and got an apology and support after the video went viral \"I saw my son die.
That\'s what I think in my head, \"Tammy Charles told the station.
The intestinal condition at birth of WDRB-Bridges was unknown, and in order to solve this problem, 26 unsuccessful surgeries were experiencedTV reported.
This disease leads to the need to wear a colon pocket.
According to the Mayo Clinic, colon-made pockets collect waste from part of the in vitro colon.
It is reported that the bully targets the smell in the bag.
His mother told the station that Bridges had endured bullying for months.
Speaking about her son\'s school district, Charlies said, click here to get the Fox News app \"JCPS: you all let my kids down \".
Charles told the radio that the family \"absolutely\" plans to take legal action against public schools in Jefferson County.
Investigations have already started in the area, but no comment has been made on pending proceedings.
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