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blogger with crohn\'s disease takes sexy pictures of ileostomy bag

by:Osgoodway     2020-02-21
Blogger krydges Miller was diagnosed with clone disease at the age of 15, when she began to have a severe stomachache.
As she said in her blog, eight years after doctors tried to control her illness, they suggested that surgery be the best solution to Miller\'s illness.
The pregnant Fox News anchor attacked the person who was offended by her maternity dress because of her surgery, the doctor had to open an opening in the large intestine and open it through the opening of the abdomen, the creation of the mouth and the lifelong need to make a pocket to capture the waste that would have been discharged through the anus.
That\'s how Miller became himself.
Description \"Ms. Bao.
Miller, 22years-
Old, afraid of the isolation that can be caused by having a pocket.
She recorded this fear on her Facebook page.
In the end, however, Miller began her life --
Change the operation at different angles.
\"Surgery is the best thing I \'ve ever had,\" Miller wrote . \".
\"I\'m definitely not saying the whole process is going well, but there\'s more good than bad.
\"Since then, Miller has decided to make it her mission to spread awareness and remove the stigma of the ilostomy bag-she is doing so through her unfiltered blog and posting photos on Facebook, especially sexy photos
Miller uses photos of her wearing underwear or underwear, and her bag is placed in a prominent position to eliminate the feeling that she once felt disgusted with her condition.
Follow us on FACEBOOK and learn more about Fox Lifestyle News \"I look at my body and hate it.
I despise the fact that I had to have surgery.
\"I am disgusted with my scars and bags and worried that no one can find my ideal,\" she wrote on Facebook . \".
After pregnancy, the bag lady who became Ms. Bao\'s mother took her readers through the acceptance journey.
\"I \'ve also seen my bag, my scars, my injured body, and felt love and gratitude.
\"I appreciate how far I have come and how grateful I am no longer close to death,\" she continued . \".
For the fear of the community, Ms. Bao felt that she was a speaker-pointing out that life was \"not done with a bag, but only started.
\"I mean, come on,\" she concluded in her post . \".
\"Confidence is the sexiest thing for someone.
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