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Bags and shoes on the small details are direct

by:Osgoodway     2020-08-04

Tall beauty - travelling bag style handbag

1.67 meters tall, slim figure of the girl is born clothes hangers, should any type of large package is not considered 'illegal', but stylist to give them out was actually a big packet type - travelling bag style handbag. The material is the serious leather or humorous puzzle leather. Handbags' shoulder line and the profile shape, the same with portable bag, every day to work with it, making you step into the most sensitive 'fashion symbol.'

Moreover, high enough, elegant enough to dress, with a large enough purses, looks just as gorgeous as concerts or operas. They represent the city's most positive aspect of beauty, only the certainty of a successful and agile.

Narrow hip beauty - long belt bag

Because of diet and exercise, height varies from 1.60 m to 1.80 m beauty with the narrow hips are more and more. The whole body looks like a boarding school student, or boys. In fact, this figure is very popular this year, the most appropriate long back with a bag: put up with the package, Messenger was back to the body, tight exactly flush with the hips; buttocks too flat curve is covered to the point.

About Messenger bag, only to be reminded that this year the retro vividly rectangular canvas bags are very popular. This Messenger bag is one of the representative B OY wind, but the stylists are generally not optimistic about it, that it was too rigid and symbolic, to the women in the clothing with the best on the problem, but it also too much like a short during the popular thing, 'long life' is unlikely. Beauty from the back of a narrow hip point of view, has been like a kid, but do not back 'bag', from the inside out emit unstable immature atmosphere. Take back a large loop of soft leather bags, fake fur and even the back ramp of a backpack, are OK. Remember, you are an adult, Ms!

Of course, different types of big bag can bring out the different temperament. So, you have to look at your own situations, what kind of shape features of the above, and then you can decide what to buy fashion bag.

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