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by:Osgoodway     2020-02-11
When there is a backpack hike, a plan for camping, and a taste of the world away from the city, the inevitable part of your inventory must be an easy-to-carry, lightweight backpack tent, can be easily set up and finally packed.
Of course, there is a period of time, until the age of 1950, you will not find a tent suitable for the conditions of the air in the hiking, in the design or size, you won\'t have much diversity and choice either.
Quality should be a standard prototype.
When polyurethane rubber coated treatment nylon appears in the picture and increases the firmness and quality of the backpack tent, you may be a better hiker in your 1960 s.
1970 of the people saw the development of the famous ground wire design, which is widely used even today.
But if you are a hiker today, you have a range of options that meet your requirements for comfort and weather avoidance with almost absolute precision.
When buying, the first thing to remember is the climate conditions you will face.
It will depend on whether you are a summer hiker, two seasons, three seasons, or a backpacker all season.
In summer, a tent with a frame, nylon, waterproof and moderate can work.
You can also use a plastic tent or a bag.
However, in three-
During the hiking season, you should be more careful about your choice.
You need a stronger backpack tent that won\'t give away easily.
The Four Seasons backpack tent is best made of nylon and weighs about 8 to 15 pounds kilograms.
Tents that meet your camping needs are usually equipped with Cook vents and stretch frames.
A modest backpack tent usually costs you $150 to $350.
But of course, the price is as high as $900 or even more expensive options.
Backpack tents can make your camping trip more enjoyable, and small investments can make you have a few years of fun outdoors.
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