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by:Osgoodway     2020-07-16

The survey of www.thatbagshop.com found that a cosmetic bag including lip, eye shadow, powder and everything of make-up. A wallet which contain with money, ID card, name card is necessary. An umbrella, facial tissue or some daily essentials are indispensible.

According to the study by Kellogg's Special K Mini Breaks, handbags' hidden depths also revealed tarot cards, a baby tooth, dog biscuits, porn DVDs, partners' medication and spare knickers.

Most women always carry a 'comforting item' such as their child's first shoe, a lock of a grandchild's hair or their father's watch.

A fifth of women confessed to hiding behind their oversize leather handbags when they didn't feel confident nor had a 'fat day', while for 21 per cent being complimented on their bag was the ultimate flattery.

A third admitted always noticing other women's leather handbags, with fashion designer Victoria Beckham named as the celebrity with the most coveted collection.

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