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A while ago my four year old son asked me 'Daddy

by:Osgoodway     2020-07-23

'No daddy, why do people buy BIG lollies?'. By big lollies, he meant in bulk.

I have to admit I was stunned. Although I knew perfectly well he was aware that I sell chocolates, lollies and confectionery in bulk for a living it didn't occur to me that he was aware of our Unique Selling Point. I looked at him and felt a sense of pride. That is until I realised I did not know the answer.

It bugged me that I could not answer his question, so spurred by my inability to do so I begun to do some research of my own. I talked to confectionery wholesalers and manufacturers. I spoke to customers and prospective buyers. I even tweeted and ran a poll on Facebook and after a while a clear pattern emerged.

Below is a list of the top ten reasons or purposes for buying bulk lollies online in Australia.

10. Art

Whether it be to use directly to create 'art' or a striking shop display, we have a loyal group of repeat customers throughout Australia who regularly buy confectionery from us. I have been told by many of them that the use of Lollies is integral to their work.

9. Competitions

'Guess the number of lollies in the jar' competitions are as popular now as they are today and a number of customers buy Lollies, in particular Jelly Beans, for this purpose, most notably as a fundraising activity for some kind of social clubs. By the same token bulk bags or boxes of Lollies are often bought to be raffle prizes.

8.The Big Night in

Whether it be for a Girls Nights In, movie night or watching big games like the AFL Grand Final or State of Origin Lollies have become an important component of these evenings.

7. Just Because

Just because you love Lollies and just because you can buy them online in bulk, and have them delivered to your door in just a few clicks of your mouse.

6. School Fairs

School Fairs are all about the children and children love Lollies. So we regularly receive a batch of orders from schools needing to cater to their wants.

5. Travel

It is quite incredible the number of orders we get from customers who are wanting to take a decent supply of Lollies with them on their travels either overseas or around Australia. Still if you are faced with a 24 hour plane journey or find yourself camping in the middle of the bush not being able to munch on your favourite lollies would drive you crazy I suppose.

4. Gifts

As most people have a sweet tooth we get a steady stream of orders from those wanting to buy their friends or family some gift confectionery. Usually this takes the form of an entire bulk bag or box of their most favourite lolly. A large portion of these orders are from people outside of Australia who are ordering a gift for someone in Australia.

3. Baking

A decent percentage of the orders we get are from people requiring specific Lollies as decorations for baked goods like cakes, cup cakes or biscuits. Most typically it tends to be for Jelly Bellys or novelty lollies like Kittens, Sour Worms, Racing Cars or Freckles. Sadly for us we never get to see the end result.

2. Corporate

An extremely cost effective and high impact way of promoting their business, more and more companies are turning to the power of confectionery to leverage awareness of their brand, most typically through Confectionery Gifts or Promotional Giveaways at trade shows, conferences, events and direct marketing activities.

1. Weddings

Undoubtedly the main reason why people in Australia Buy Lollies in Bulk. With over 120,000 couples getting married in Australia every year there is an extremely high demand for confectionery to be used in Lolly Buffets and Wedding Bombonieres. The most popular colours of Lollies required are white, pink and red.

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