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A Refreshing Escapade Mountain Safari

by:Osgoodway     2020-08-01

Mountain Safari Hatta Wadi Tripis a beautiful combination of past history, fabulous culture and escapade. It is a particular destination for real break out from the modern City Life of Dubai. We drive auxiliary along the rolling Sand Dunes and stop for a photo shoot, and then carry on to Hajjar Mountains which are near Oman boundary we will also see the lush green beautiful valleys, dehydrated and seasonal River Beds until we reach the mountain pond for a swim in its chilly refreshing waters. After a stimulating swim, we will visit Hatta Fort Hotel, the well-known 5 star hotel for lunch and then will ensue to our way back to Dubai city.

Hatta Mountain Tour

This tour particularly offers an exclusive chance to explore two plainly contrasting landscapes and experiences. Our hatta mountain tourpredominantly begins with an stroke packed ridge drive in the hatta mountain safari desertbefore heading towards the wonderful mountains of Hatta.

At Hatta we take this special opportunity to travel around the local heritage village and the Portuguese Fort, which was specially built in the sixteen century. After which we board on an exciting drive through wadis-ancient dried up rivers to achieve the cool hatta mountainpools. Do not disregard to brink you swimming suits and towels should you conjure a dip.

Desert Safari with Hajjar Mountain Driving

Hatta Trip is a beautiful desert safari with Hajjar Mountain driving along the stunning and striking valleys of the Hajjar Mountains alongside the Oasis of Hatta. We particularly pick up the travelers by 4WD vehicles land cruiser at 8.30am, pass through Al Aweer and drive through the blonde yellowish sand dunes towards the Oasis of Hatta. Enroute we have sufficient prospect to see the Desert life together with few of the Bedouin tents and grazing camels.

We can observe the color of the sand steadily varies to flushed dunes. We drive further along the rising and falling sand dunes and visit the camel rock. We particularly stop for a while for photo shoot and then pass from side to side the fossil rock continuing our tour until we arrive at the mountain valley at Mahda.

On the way we pass through Bedouin mountain camps and we may have the chance to have marvelous camel rides also. Keep in mind! We come across several picturesque opportunities and therefore do not overlook to keep your handy camera and film in your bag.

From the Hajjar Mountain we especially reach the Oasis of Hatta Mountain, a historical village delimited by palm trees; amusing with its cooler climate and gorgeous with its mountain sceneries. Being located at the foot hills of the Hajjar Mountains, it is a significant and vital connection between Sohar and U.A.E. Dubai Hatta is a Destination for a genuine escape from the bustles of Modern City Dubai life. Even though the Oasis of Hatta was reconstructed consequently its irrigate canals still exists, irrigating the hard by farmlands. The first dam in the U.A.E. Dubai was also constructed at Hatta. Some of the water abounding to Dubai, even today, comes from a tanks built at Hatta. We also visit an antique fort built in the 19th century.

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