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A manager of a famous clothing store told me that

by:Osgoodway     2020-08-06

No more than one bag

It is a fact that carrying no more than one bag will makes you appear clean and neat. If you have a lot things to carry and feel it necessary to carry two bags, a backpack and a handbag will makes you nimble and lively. Try to avoid carrying two bags of the same style.

Pay attention to the color combination of other accessories

Every girl knows that she will surely not make mistakes to hold a bag of the same color with her shoes. However, such combinations are not absolutes. In fact, bags could match perfect with not only shoes, but also belts, clothes and even silk scarves. Here are some methods to create a perfect combination of your bags and accessories:

Colors belong to the same color system will bring you a sense of elegance; Contrast colors will be the most eye-catching combination; Bright-colored bags will perfectly match those clothes of neutral colors.

Don't make a mess inside your bag

Many girls like large bags because they could put everything in books, cosmetics, bottles, snacks and clothes all could be contained in a large bag. However, don't suppose you could do that because no one else could see what are in your bags. The cleanness of the inner bag is a symbol of elegance and femininity of a lady.

Look in the mirror again with your bag before going out

Final word of advice, remember holding your bag and looking in the mirror before going out. As long as you spend a short time to check your combination of bags and other accessories, you will be gorgeous and attractive in the whole day.

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