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8 myths about ostomies debunked

by:Osgoodway     2020-02-24
More than 750,000 of Americans live in mouth surgery, a body opening created by surgery that is used to discharge body waste.
Whether it\'s because of cancer, inflammatory bowel disease like clone\'s disease, or UC, diverticul, or urinary incontinence, mouth-making can bring to people with debilitating diseases
Patients with less hospital stay and less pain.
Although mouth-making can be life
Preservation, ostomies is often stigma.
People sometimes equate mouth-making with disability and sub-disability. par life. Case in point -
Two years ago, the Cincinnati Police Department launched a public education campaign to try to stop teenagers from entering violent life.
While the ultimate goal of the campaign is admirable, they are trying to achieve it by showing photos of people with colstomies, claiming that gunfire could lead to lifelong mouth-making.
\"You were not killed, but you were walking around with a colon-made pocket, which is not the way to attract the attention of the girl,\" Lieutenant Joe Richardson said on 2013 . \".
This is just an example of a negative public movement that makes the mouth-making stigma permanent.
Unfortunately, these descriptions alienate word-of-mouth across the country and around the world.
October 3 is the world\'s mouth-making day, a day to raise awareness of mouth-making.
Make mouth, make urine and others.
We understand the importance of educating the public and supporting our patients at the United States clone and colonisation Foundation, many of whom live in pockets.
To do this, we want to debunk some common myths about ostomies.
Myth: mouth-making is the death penalty.
This is inseparable from the facts.
For many people who are faced with mouth surgery, they are very ill and the alternative to surgery is facing fatal complications.
Many patients will say that the mouth-making technique has brought them back to life.
Stephanie, a clone patient who underwent an open mouth surgery in 2012, said: \"The mouth surgery has brought me back to life, and I am able to do all the things I have always wanted to do, but I have been prevented by a clone\'s disease before.
\"Myth: only cancer patients can make mouth.
Most people hear that cancer patients have stom feet.
However, patients with common diseases such as Clone\'s disease, UC, diverticul\'s compartment inflammation, family interest disease, neurological bladder disease, and birth defects may need to be at some point in their lives
Myth: Ostomies is permanent for everyone.
For some patients, the procedure is permanent.
However, for many people, before surgery is reversed to create an internal bag, a stoma is performed to allow part of the intestines to heal from scars, inflammation, infection, abscess, and fistula.
Rebecca Zamolo, YouTube\'s sensation, received a year of temporary mouth-making to heal her body in a long battle with uc.
Just three months ago, Rebecca\'s mouth-making was reversed, and now with a J-
Bag, inner bag formed from part of the small intestine.
Rebecca wrote on a note in her pocket before her reverse surgery: \"When I entered the final surgery, I was hopeful and excited about the future you allowed me to have.
I know that my life would still be great if I needed you again at some point.
So, thank you for showing me how special this kind of life is for me to fully enjoy it.
Myth: People with ostomies are smelly.
Most mouth-making products are made using charcoal-based air filters that neutralize potential odors.
You can\'t smell anything unless this person has a leak.
Myth: Only old people have feet.
For years, ostomies has been associated with older people with some type of cancer.
This is not the case-
People of any age can have mouth surgery. Take Aria -
When she was in kindergarten, she was diagnosed with UC, and when she underwent a colon resection, Aria was 7 years old (
Resection of colon and rectum).
After the operation, she lived in the pouch for two months while her J-pouch healed.
She is just an example of many young people who live with ostomies.
Myth: everyone can see it if you make mouth.
If you don\'t want them to do that, don\'t.
The design of Ostomies is easy to hide under most outfits.
Mouth makers may worry about the visibility of their mouth-making, but it is usually not obvious to ordinary people.
Myth: You can\'t wear clothes often if you have mouth-making skills.
If you have mouth surgery, you can wear the same clothes as before surgery, with very few exceptions.
In order to provide peace of mind and additional support, some mouth makers may wear special accessories to help maintain the position of the mouth-making technique and prevent the occurrence of the mouth-making technique.
According to UOAA, \"many of today\'s pou mouth systems are not notable even in the most fashionable and suitable clothing for men and women.
\"Myth: You can\'t be active if you have mouth-making.
This is also wrong.
Many people with feet are physically active and take part in various types of sports.
Rolf Benirschke played the slogan of the San Diego Charger when he was treated with mouth surgery.
Al Geigberger played professional golf with mouth making.
Ostomates has completed the half marathon, the triathlon, and the Ironman race, like Elise Baum: \"I\'m so happy to be back in my life.
I feel great and have no restrictions on what I can do.
I was a prisoner before surgery. Now I am free.
\"There are 130,000 people living in America every year.
Provincial mouth surgery
On World Maker Day, let\'s take the time to educate ourselves on different kinds of ostomies and start to raise awareness and acceptance of ostomies in order to combat the misinformation and stigma that exist in our society.
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