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Released by Bianca London for mail online: 07: 08 EDT | update July 20, 2012: 11: 05 EDT, July 20, 2012, a young designer brought fashion into the medical field and created a range of underwear
Type pocket.
23-year-old James Shutt has begun an innovative fashion mission after realizing how colon pocket-making users are actually getting younger and younger.
Many of them are hard to relax in the bedroom, so James starts to design a solution.
The former Northumbria University student from Hereford spoke to the teen colon mouth-making user before launching the \"muscle workout\" product to put the bag back into the bedroom.
James said: \"People of my age and young people have to bear to carry a colon pocket with them every day.
\"They thought about having a normal sex life, but finding a partner can be delayed by this bag --
My solution hides the embarrassment of letting them know that they can relax and have the confidence to stay close.
James found that the users of the colon-making procedure struggled with sexual intimacy and physical awareness and more practical problems, such as the bag being blown up by the wind, or worried that if they lived in a partner\'s house, their spare and cleaning bags will be left.
The muscle mouth maker brand includes a jewelry mouth maker plug and seal suitable for the mouth to prevent feces from flowing out during sexual intercourse
Took away the insult and inconvenience of wearing a full colon pocket.
The plug has an interchanging jewelry head and can be worn for about an hour and a half before it needs to be emptied.
Colostomation is a surgical procedure that forms an opening or opening by pulling the healthy end of the large intestine or colon into the stomach wall.
This opening provides an alternative channel for waste to leave the body, and the waste is collected in a disposable colon pocket connected to the body.
The worn seals around the fit have an integrated evacuation bag that is used with the fit plug, and in the unlikely event that the plug pops up during sex life, any bowel evacuation can be captured.
James also made a technical transformation of the colon pocket, including a manual vent that can release gas to prevent expansion under the clothes, and a redesign that enables the bag to expand without expanding outward
Emergency condom
A size-sealed colon-made pocket package with two sterilized wipes was also made and placed in a wallet, pocket and wallet.
James has also designed body art and tattoos to make the site attractive and allow users to accept their tattoos.
He said: \"I thought about what I least want to have and how to make people who don\'t have a choice better.
\"The feedback I get shows that people like the idea and can really see themselves wearing it.
Women in their 20 s and 30 s are most interested, and when they approach a new partner, they are really excited not to be embarrassed anymore.
\"The Muscle Maker brand will be available later this year and will be the first to be on the shelves.
James, who graduated from college this summer, received a first-class degree in industrial design and scored particularly high in the work.
Howard Fenwick, head of industrial and traffic design projects, said: \"James has never avoided a tricky project and he has put himself into the most complex and emotional subject areas.
His intervention brought fashion to this mundane but important medical accessory while retaining the necessary features to ensure that his design was welcomed by all.
\"A colon pocket wearer welcomes james\'s design advice, saying he\" wants the products to be available when he\'s much younger \".
A spokesman for a leading maker of colon-made products said: \"This product is very encouraging.
We are impressed by its creativity and sensitivity in such a difficult field.
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